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לע”נ שמואל ברוך בן ר’ חיים צבי דוב
לע”נ נחמן ע”ה ב”ר חנני’ יום טוב נ”י • ריזל ע”ה ב”ר יצחק נ”י

Sep 19th, 2019

Speaker: Rabbi Daniel Staum

Topic: Song of the Shofar: Harmony of Teshuva

Maariv: 9:00 PM

Shiur: 9:15 PM

Men Only

– Hot Chulent & Kugel Served –

Bais Medrash Netzach Yisroel

49 Forshay Road Monsey, NY 10952

Rabbi Dani Staum

Rabbi Dani Staum was ordained by Yeshiva Sha'arei Torah in Monsey and serves as the Rov of Kehillas New Hempstead. He is also a licensed social worker having received his MSW from Fordham University. Aside from his private practice, his weekly column in the Jewish Press and HaModia, and work in schools and camps, Rabbi Staum is a highly regarded presenter at various Torah and educational conventions Prior to 2012 he taught at Yeshiva Sha'arei Arazim in Spring Valley.

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