How to effectively deal with the Yetzer Hara

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Speaker: Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser
Topic: How to effectively deal with the Yetzer Hara
Date: 11/30/2017


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About The Author
- Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser was born in Hollywood, California, he spent the majority of his life surfing and mountain biking. Rabbi Glaser accumulated vast insights into human character, religion and alternative spirituality. Since 2000, Rabbi Glaser has been a senior Rabbi at Aish Hatorah Jerusalem, a master orator who can be found lecturing and entertaining for organizations world wide. Rabbi Glaser practices “spiritual therapy”, helping individuals to break through deep emotional/physiological blocks and to come closer to the G-d experience. In 2002, Rabbi Glaser founded the internationally acclaimed Possible You self-transformation seminar, a company with an ever-growing world wide staff and alumni.