The Art of Seeing the Good

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Topic: The Art of Seeing the Good
Speaker: Rabbi Label Lam
Date: 1/2/14


Category: Videos
About The Author
- Rabbi Label Lam is a former collegiate athlete and a poet. A graduate of Colgate University, Rabbi Lam matriculated at Harvard Extension School. While pursuing his Master in Education he studied for many years at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Monsey before launching a multifaceted career in Jewish Education. A veteran of the Day School Movement and a former full-time lecturer for Arachim Seminars, Rabbi Lam has been inspiring businessmen, college students and prisoners for Ohr Somayach International and Hamayan Institute for almost two decades. He is the co-founder of Foundations for Jewish Learning with outreach projects in the United States and abroad. He brings to his lectures his rich life experience, a profound wit and an infectious love for Jewish People. His insights on the weekly Parsha are received by more than 15,000 subscribers weekly and can be found at

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